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Here at Get Better we think that communicating medical procedures in dynamic and user-friendly ways should be integral to the whole experience. Good medical communication has been a sometimes undervalued part of the clinical journey and we aim to change this by making things better.


Informed patients (as well as their families and carers) can make the whole process much easier for everyone concerned.


Patients who understand more about their condition and treatment journey feel more empowered and at ease.

Clinicians are given vital resources that help to alleviate anxiety and ease the way.

“ Children actively involved in decision making are less anxious undergoing operations and treatment”

 (Coyne, 2006)

Get Better believes that better communication with ALL patients can have a really positive effect in many ways.


So far we’ve been concentrating on younger patients but we have the ambition to bring these unique approaches to much wider audiences too. Better health communications have the potential to be of benefit for a whole variety of health conditions and across age groups.


We aim to use language that isn’t technical or opaque and to demystify the process for the patient.


Please do feel free to contact us about different health disciplines or age groups too.

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